For Booksellers


ASP Press distributes most of its books through Ingram, so if you have an account there, you can get a great discount and order direct from them. We also sell cases and larger quantities direct to book chains and other booksellers at deeper discounts. For more information on volume sales and bookseller specials, email or otherwise contact us.

Conference Booksellers

We particularly like to sell books to conference booksellers where our authors appear. If you are a conference bookseller and you are going to a conference that might include any of our authoris or readers fomr those conferences, we make special deep discount deals for conferences with special discounts when one of our authors is there. For more details, email or otherwise contact us.

Specialty Shops and Collections

Specialty bookshops sometimes do specialty sales that include collections in particular areas. When we can provide portions of special collections, we can give excellent discounts for groups of books sold together. For more information, email or otherwise contact us.

University Bookstores

ASP Press has a soft spot for universities and their bookshops. If you have a course that uses one of our books or a professor who is considering one of them, we would be happy to provide special class discounts and free evaluation copies for professors. We can also help facilitate guest lectures and similar events with out authors, including providing authors as class resources to your calesses. For more information, email or otherwise contact us.

Speaker Specials

If you are speaking at a special event and want to provide books on subjects related to your event, contact us for special speaker discounts. We would be glad to work with you. All you have to do is email or otherwise contact us.

Professional Societies

ASP Press offers books at deep discounts to professional societies and other similar organizations. For more information, please email or otherwise contact us.