CD-ROM Based Education in Information Security

Now, you can gain access to top-flight educational presentations and short courses, previously available only in privately taught short courses. Here's your choice:
The Old Way
  • Pay $500+ in fees, travel, and hotels for a live short course.
  • Take a day or more to travel to and from the course, get registered, sit in uncomfortable seating, and listen to a lecture at the instructor's pace.
  • Get educated by the instructor that happens to be in your city or at the conference you are attending.
  • Listen as hard as you can while going over the slides so you can retain as much as possible on the one chance you have to get the lessons.
  • Bring back the lessons of the course to your coworkers and try to explain it all to them again.
  • The New Way
  • Save hundreds of dollars in unnecessary expenses.
  • Save hours of unnecessary travel, scheduling, and paperwork.
  • Attend courses by leading experts in their field with greater coverage and more in-depth discussions than most short courses you are likely to find.
  • Learn at your own pace, review the material - and listen to the speaker as many times as you need to, today, tomorrow, and forever.
  • Lend the courses to your coworkers so they can learn the same material on their time just like you did.
  • Save time and money and get a better education. And all you have to do is push a button and fill in one form. The courses will be delivered directly to your door.