For Students

What's the deal?

ASP PREss supports university students and courses to as large an extent possible by providing online resources as well as very low priced educational materials. These are the same materials used to teach on-line and in-class courses at other Universities and the same materials provided commercially at far higher prices. Our offerings include three variations:

What are the rules for purchasing?

For complete course setups you have to be registered for the course. We get the registration information and only ship to registered students. If you order and are not on the registration list we will keep your money and send you nothing. We don't like people who try to cheat us. If it was an error and gets fixed, once the school agrees we will ship.

For professor specified standard course setups, your professor has to send in the request via FAX. We get the list of students and you get the discounts. Want your professor to rig it for you on a one-off basis? Go for it. Like we said, we support universities and students. We just need the course information, professor information, and university information.

For Books and CDs, all you need to do is FAX a copy of a current student ID card (front and back) to us. We then verify it with your university and your order gets processed. We don't like fake IDs and if your ID is out of date or some such thing, we will keep your money and not send you any materials. Like we said - we want to help people getting university educations and people who teach those students - but we don't like getting ripped off any more than you do.